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Delicious Old-fashioned & Hearty Soups!

That's what you'll find in this cookbook, Delicious Soup Recipes.

Delicious Soup Recipes - from Ruth FriesenPicture the cook in an old English castle stirring one of these soups in a caldron over a fire in a large stone fireplace. He (more likely than a she) calls on scullery maids to fetch more of this or cut up more of this as he tastes the soup from the ladle.

When the cook pronounces it done, the serving maids adjust their aprons and white frilled caps, and line up with a soup tureen each, to have this ladled up, and off they carry it to the banquet hall.

Not all the soup recipes call for such large quantities or odd ingredients, but you'll notice expressions, like "put it on the fire" rather than set it on the stove and turn the element on medium.

You'll notice that often the ingredients, after they are cooked, are to be rubbed through a grater, creamed together, and then heated up again just enough to be hot before serving. The serving often being garnished with diced and toasted bread floating in the soup.

Even though you might never be able or want to follow each recipe percisely, there is a lot you could adapt and pick up from these very old recipes that would make your current soups - in your modern kitchen - have some extra pizzaz or stroke of comfort, depending on what you want that particular soup to accomplish.

Check out these: Sample Soup Recipes right here on this site.

Delicious Soup Recipes - from Ruth Friesen - This cookbook is only available as an e-book. If you prefer to have it on paper in front of you, you simply will need to print out the 79 pages. (You can always put the pages into a binder, or get them bound with a cerlox spine at your stationery store). There are some advantages to an e-Cookbook. You can enlarge the font if you have trouble reading regular size print, and you don't need to print out all the pages. Just the ones you think you'll actually use. That way you can add those pages to your own, unqiue recipe collection.

The price is so reasonable too. You know that hardcover, full-colour cookbooks can range from $30 to over $100. If you're cooking on an shoe-string budget, filling your master cookbook binder with just the recipes you really like and use is very easy when you buy an e-cookbook like this, Delcious Soup Recipes. at 4.97

(Should you be in position to want to re-sell this cookbook to others, I can offer you a more complete package with extra resources).

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Delicious Soup Recipes

Compiled by Amy Taylor, published by Ruth Friesen

To your Successful and Delicious Soups!
Ruth Marlene Friesen

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