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Ruth Friesen

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Your Hostess Ruth Friesen

Ruth Friesen - your hostess Hello! I'm so glad you have dropped by my kitchen. I'm always pleased to have guests.

I live in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada. I work as a contract missionary and have my own business, offering web design and other computer services.

My social life revolves mostly around friends I see on Sundays at church, and those from far away that I am in touch with by email. Isn't the Internet an amazing thing?!

I'm excited about these cookbooks and recipes I want to show you! Through a special deal I've been able to get the rights to sell this large quantity of cookbooks in e-book form. That is they are PDF files, so the pages will look just like the printed editions, but the prices are much better, and you only need to print out the pages you want to print. You win advantages and conveniences left and right!

It's going to take us a while to get them all up on this site, but keep checking back often! There's some real treats in store for you!

Unfortunately, I've been terribly busy working on mission and client sites, and have NOT had time to develop this site yet. So the membership area has been disabled until I can get to giving this site the time and attention it should have.