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Table of Contents


  • All about soups
  • Value of soup in the meal
  • General classes of soup
  • Classes of soup denoting consistency.
  • Classes of soups denoting quality
  • Stock for soup and its uses
  • Varieties of stock
  • Additional uses of stock
  • Soup extracts
  • The stockpot - use and care of stockpot
  • Flavoring stock
  • Making of soup
  • Principal ingredients
  • Meat used for soup making
  • Herbs and vegetables used for soup.
  • Processes involved in making stock.
  • Cooking meat for soup.
  • Removing grease from soup.
  • Clearing soup
  • Thickening soup
  • Serving soup
  • Recipes - stocks
  • Recipes - soups
  • Asparagus soup

  • Baked bean soup

  • Barley soup

  • Bean and corn soup

  • Bean and tomato soup

  • Bean soup

  • Beef soup

  • Bran stock

  • Bread soup

  • Brown macaroni soup

  • Brown soup stock

  • Cabbage soup

  • Canned green pea soup

  • Caper soup

  • Carrot soups

  • Cauliflower soup

  • Celery soups

  • Chestnut soup

  • Chicken cream soup

  • Chicken soups

  • Cocoanut soup

  • Crab soup

  • Creole soup

  • Fish soup

  • French soup

  • Fruit soup

  • Green beans soup

  • Haricot soup

  • Italian soup

  • Leek soup

  • Lentil soup

  • Lettuce soup

  • Lobster soup

  • Macaroni soup

  • Milk soup

  • Mushroom soup

  • Mutton soup

  • Onion soups

  • Oyster soup

  • Pea soup

  • Potato and rice soup

  • Potato soup

  • Prawn soup

  • Sago and potato soup

  • Sago soup

  • Salmon soup

  • Semolina soup

  • Sorrel soup

  • Spinach soup

  • Summer soup

  • Sweet potato soup

  • Sydney soup

  • Tapioca and tomato soup

  • Tomato and macaroni

  • Tomato soups

  • Tomato vermicelli soup

  • Veal soup

  • Vegetable soup

  • And more .....




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