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Just Good Cooking


You know how it goes - you have a new vegetable or fruit, and realize you don't know much about it, or have any good recipes for using it - so what do you (or I) do? We head for the computer and do a search. Sometimes we visit a whole bunch of sites before we find what we're looking for. Sometimes we find a gem of a site that has many things we're looking for!

If we're really blessed we come to a site that we know we can come back to over and over again, and just about anything we search for - is going to be found there. That's the kind of place we hope you'll find Just Good Cooking to be.

A time saver! A treasure trove of both recipes and cookbooks!

You know how it is when the kitchen fills up with friends and family who like to cook and bake, and eat, of course. Yes, the kitchen rings with merriment and good cheer, and are all glad we came.

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I put together an interactive game and quiz to help people who are new to online businesses, and though they are curious - they don't know whom to trust or what to expect. You get to explore seven such businesses with a guide of your choice (out of 8). Then to test whether you understood what you saw and read, you answer 4 quiz questions. If you get at least half of them correct, plus, sign up for one business and one tool/business you win as a prize, my e-book, 40 Online Business Ideas. If you read and study that, and check out the links you are bound to get a fairly good starting knowledge of the online business world and to see where you could step in and join.